Ummet Ozcan – The Cube

In a deep corner of the mind The Cube rules. It’s the place where dark thoughts roam and mania is rewarded. It’s where pure thoughts get compromised and turned into acts of insanity. Where your free mind might get locked up, if you don’t live life to the fullest.

This was Ummet Ozcan’s inspiration for his new single and supporting video, aptly called ‘The Cube’. In our everyday life we strife to be the best at everything, fueled by blind ambition, greed and obsessive behaviour. From our jobs, our relationships to even our leisure activities. It’s gone so far that we, according to Ummet, miss the important things in life. To illustrate this, the ominous official video for ‘The Cube’ focusses on a man crossing over from normality to insanity thanks to a (not so innocent) game of Bingo. His mind gets trapped in ‘The Cube’ and is unable to escape…