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Spinnin' Records

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Since the inception of Spinnin’ Sessions we’ve been involved in creating various designs for the brand. We’ve created the logo, poster artworks, promotional videos and visuals in the past.

In 2018 Spinnin’ Sessions started to roll out more liveshows all around the globe. For this they needed a visual package that could be taken along for local VJ’s to play and make sure the brand is portrayed properly during the shows. In close collaboration with Spinnin’ we’ve chosen to take urban references like buildings, skyscrapers, metro tunnels and moving traffic, as a basis for the concept. These references we then translated to elements that would work well for visuals on LED screens. Elements like concrete textures, skylines, glass reflections and light streaks. In these elements we incorporated the ’S’ emblem in various ways to create a consistent but varied brand identity for the live shows.